About Me!!!


My Home Life

I was born in fairfield but raised somewhere else. I attend a public high school and will be an upcoming sophmore this school year. I was born on June 21st, 2003. I am 15 years old at the moment and the oldest chld between my sibilings. I have three younger sibings, two sisters and a brother. One sister, Jazmin is 13 years old, my other sister is 10, and my brother is 3. I have a loving Mom and Dad. I also have five pets including a horse, a baby horse, a dog, and two bunnies. I have 5 close friends who I do everything with.

My Academic Life

As stated before I attend an average public high school. My classes for next year include HP Chem, English XL, and AP Seminar. For my future career I am interested in many things. I am interested in the STEM field. Forensic science seems intresting to me. I also have many other interests I will one day have to choose from.

My Hobbies

I love doing a large variety of things. Art has and always will be a part of my life. Ever since I was young I would draw everywhere and never color outside the lines. Sketching and water-coloring are my favorite forms of art. I love water-coloring the sky and the beach.


At SMASH I have learned and am learning about some of the many aspects of STEM. My favorite class there is biology because of the labs. I don't like the place where we have to eat though. The food is very borning. I have two very close friends at SMASH. They are Nyla and Chyanne. Nyla is from my hometown and Chyanne is from somewhere else. We all have a secret code and inside jokes. Nyla loves turtles and Chyanne's bike always breaks. We are always hanging out together at SMASH.

chyanne is a snack